Bow Ties are Cool. 

 David is ready and heading to his dissertation defense.  We are so proud of him.   


Running of the Freshmen Tradition

Tennessee Tech has a tradition that the freshmen run out on the field the first home football game of the season. Well since it is my freshmen year, Xander wanted me to do the freshman running so he could get my tshirt they give you for running. David had to finish up some work in the lab so Xander went with me and ran with us. We had to run out and touch the eagle as we went into the field just like the football team does. Xander is tickled that he got to run and touch the eagle without being a freshmen.  Of course he still plans to take the shirt. 

He ran into one of his classmates after we ran and proudly told him how he got to run with the freshmen. 


Been Awhile – Quilting Again

I finally have gotten back to quilting again.  I am working on 2 quilts. I  am working on 1 for David – Old Time Treasures and Xander – Happy Halloween Monsters.  Granted David’s was already pre-cut by David about 2 1/2 -3 years ago, Xander’s was bought and most of the monsters were cut out and ironed down to their blocks about the same time when I was attending the class for it at Heart to Heart Quilt Shop before they closed last year.  Once I get those 2 done, I have about 3 or 4 more I want to get started back on that are already started on.


I have been keeping busy settling into our new home, job searching, cleaning, cooking, learning to make homemade pretzels.  My family has loved the pretzels I have made using bread flour using the recipe found at  Also been making a lot of homemade pizza dough. In March our heat in the new house went out.  We went almost 2 weeks without heat.  This weekend we decided to get working outside besides just mowing.  We bought new frames and steps for both sides of the back porch.  David completely removed one set yesterday. We sprayed weed killer and yard feeder, planted 2 new long planters and 1 planter. I have started working on one of David’s quilts called Old Time Treasures made out of Civil War patterned material.  I finally finished putting the binding on Jeff & Melissa’s christmas quilt.  Glenda took it home to them last week when they were here for Mothers Day Weekend.  

Taking a long break

After Christmas 2012, we had some more house repairs to make.  Then spring break my husband ended up having emergency neck surgery.  We bought paint to paint the house and then decided to sell the house.  So we have spent the last 5 months cleaning, fixing, painting, packing, getting stuff sorted into donation piles, arranging for donation pickups, and getting the house on the market.

2012 Christmas Quilts


Little boys for my nephews quilt.Image

Little girls for my niece’s quilt.Image

little boys for my father-in-law’s quiltImage

Christmas designs for my Sister-in-law & brother-in-law.  Xander asked me to make one for him too.


Quilts for Xander’s teachers and for one of David’s co-workers child.Image

Mother-in-laws finished little girls.ImageImage

Nephews finished little boyImageImage

Niece’s finished little girl.


Another break from Quilting

I started back to quilting this past weekend.  I planned on sewing the Sun Bonnet Sue’s that I have ironed down for 2 quilts.  I then planned on ironing down the 2 or 3 Sun Bonnet Sam’s that I have already cut.  Then planned on ironing and cutting out the Christmas applique’s.  Earlier this week I decided to start another blog calling it Rambling Along.  I created it to keep my rambling about everything from vacation discussion, places we might like to move when David graduates from his PhD program in 4 years.  I am also using it to keep track of things like our ongoing home issues.  We came home from work last night to find that our water heater (that the brilliant builders put in the attic) had burst and flooded the master bathroom which leaked and started flooding the bedroom below.  Pictures and all on are on other blog  That is going to be all that I say on this blog about it.  Once we have gotten the house resettled, I will resume working on my quilts again.


Spring Break in the Brown house

When Spring Break came.  Xander went to Mamaw’s.  David & I got busy working on Xander’s room.   We painted a pink primer on his walls, covering the 2 toned blue that was there.   Then emailed pictures to our son and told him that it was going to stay pink and I was taking the room over as a quilting room.  We went on to paint black strips, red, white, grey, a grey ceiling and black base board, crown molding, door frames and window frame.  He calls it his OSU room.  We are still working on his closet and bathroom but they are not getting the stripes.



I have been a BzzAgent for years.  I love it.  I get to try something new and I get to tell people about my experience with it.  Right now I am learning.  The Campaign I am on right now, you answer questions about something, you choose an answer out of 4 or 5 and it will tell you which one is correct.  I have learned a few things about Twitter, Facebook and even took one about Martin Luther King Jr. – one of the interesting to me tidbits I learned was what age he went to College.

<img src=”; alt=””/>

Probably gonna be a bit

I took all the finished quilt tops to be quilted July 16th.  I cut and ironed down most of the Halloween Critters for Xander’s quilt.  I am taking a break, and other than doing my BOM, I will be binding some of the quilts that I have sitting in that stage.

David has been painting the downstairs bedroom.  I have helped tape it off and painted the lower trim.  We finished the bedroom last night other than some touch ups that we need to do.  Now we will be moving everything around and back in that room.  Then David will be doing the downstairs bathroom with me helping with taping and trims.  We hope to do the Living Room/Dining room before Christmas.  During this time, I am most likely going to be working on binding for about a dozen quilts.


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