Status regarding my hiatus from quilting because of my education

I am still working away on my education. I am in my 4th full semester and taking junior level course. I have gone from Marketing to B.I.T. (Business Information Technology) and Marketing with a minor in History. I am taking my 4th history class. Dr. Armstrong convinced me into adding B.I.T. to my degree, because of my work history. I took Dr. Webb’s class – Science in History as an elective, then History I & II, and I am currently taking Dr. Kharif’s class – The Old South and before you ask The Old South is pre-colonial up to the Civil War. Dr. Kharif’s class requires researching and writing a paper. I am also taking a Special Topics class with Dr. Ismet Anitsal researching and preparing a paper possibly for presentation at a conference and publication.

I was interning for Dr. Tzeng at Whitson-Hester School of Nursing at Tennessee Tech. I received work study this year and I am working at Volpe Library’s front desk.


Great News on my Father-in-law

My Mother-in-law, Glenda face-timed last night to let us know that Wayne, Father-in-law, came through his neck surgery just fine. Wayne spoke to Xander for a bit and was in good spirits last night. Xander was happy that his Papaw was doing well. This afternoon, Glenda sent us a text that he was getting released to go home. Thankfully there were no complications yesterday. Now, he gets to go home, recover, heal and get ready for his next surgery, which is Open Heart to repair a valve that caused problems last April when they originally went to do his neck surgery. We have been told that the Heart surgery is tentatively schedule for about 6 six from now.

Please send good thoughts and prayers for our family.

My father-in-law, Wayne, went in last April for neck surgery. There were complications and they had to stop the surgery. Every couple of weeks since then, my in-laws have been making a trip down to UAB for tests to be run to decide if they could do the surgery. If they don’t do the neck surgery, any wrong jarring motion could paralyze him. At this time, he can not move his neck much, so it is very dangerous for him to drive since he can not turn his neck, he has to turn his body to look left. They have finally decided to do the surgery on Wednesday, October 28th. The heart surgeon is against it, but if they wait and have to do the heart surgery, they won’t be able to do the neck surgery because he will be on blood-thinners for the rest of his life. Once the neck surgery is done, he will heal for about 6 weeks and then they plan on doing the heart surgery to repair the problem found during the original neck surgery back in April.

David’s Dissertation Defense

David’s defense is 1 week from today.  The closer it gets, the more nervous he gets.  Once he defends, and he they approve, he gets hooded in December.  So, once I finish taking my final exams, and Xander gets out of school for the week, we head to David’s graduation hooding.  Xander is proud of his dad.  He has taken to call him Dr. Brown at David’s student game nights.  Xander is enjoying getting to play board games and he is happy that people 6+ years older than him, treat him like an adult and include him, letting him play and one of them is teaching Xander to fence and he is really enjoying that.

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Thank You, Ms. Colorado – Ms. Kelley Johnson

I am breaking from my normal here.  I usually only post about my quilting, my family and what is going on in our lives.  We cut the cord back in February, so everything we watch is online now.  I do not, nor have I ever watch Ms. America or The View.  I have been busy studying for classes this week but tonight i saw something on my facebook news feed regarding Nurses that caught my attention.  Nurses, doctors, family, and celebrities were upset with the ladies on The View for their comments about a nurse who, as her talent, spoke about a patient she had that made her proud to be a nurse.  I had to go view the videos.  I don’t agree with the ladies on The View, and their so-called apology sounded like it was just another slap in the face to Nurses.  Their comments that they were used to seeing women in dresses or bathing suits during the “talent section”, they thought her outfit was a costume.  Really??? Since Ms. Johnson wasn’t dancing around or singing and showing skin, they couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying?  Are they that much of a airhead?  I think we need to stop judging women but their sizes/measurements and start judging us on how much we care, how well we take care of our families, the things we will willing sacrifice for them.

I always felt that these beauty/supposedly talent contests are just like sororities.  I am glad that Ms. Johnson showed a real world talent that she puts to use.  Nurses care for their patients.  Sometimes the patient has no one else to sit and spend 5 minutes a day/week with them, those are the ones that usually pull on a nurses heart.  They are the ones who you throw up on, throw things at, they take care of your drug addicted family members, they take care of your Alzheimer family members.  They are abused by their charges.  They take care of your aids family member.   Your aids infected drug addict lashes out at their nurse, sticking/scratching them with the needle the nurse just used to draw blood from them, causing the nurse to have to have tests every so often to see if they were infected, but they still continue to come back day after day to take care of that same patient. They work long hours.  They work holidays and weekends.  They cannot leave work just because their shift ended if their relief has not arrived into work.  It does not matter if the City, County, State shuts down and tells everyone that if it not an emergency, to stay home.  They still have to go in to work, even working with only short naps until relief is able to make it in.  They stay to take care of their patients, they will not leave them along.  They have to, as this quote was said in one of my favorite movies, The Longest Day “Hold Until Relived”.  If the City, County, State shuts down and tells everyone that if it not an emergency, to stay home.  They still have to go in to work, even working with only short naps until relief is able to make it in.

There are many nurses in my family, they all work hard.  They put their lives on the line every day.  They still go back day after day.  Nurses deserve our respect.  They spend more time with us asking questions and caring more about us than the doctors ever do.

If any of the nurses in my family see this, know that you are appreciated and I love you for all you do and sacrifice for your calling.  Nursing is not a job, it is a calling.  Sadly there are times when you do find that nurse, that to them it is just a job.  On the other hand there are people who have heard the calling to be a nurse, but can’t afford to take the classes or can’t get to a school to take classes and are never truly happy.

Latest Update on family and school

I just realized that I forgot to tell you all that David submitted his Dissertation paperwork for his Phd and will go to defend October 12.  Xander and I are very proud of him.  With so much going on I thought I had posted on here about this but I just realized that I had not.  Everyone at Tech has taken to referring to David as Dr. Brown.  He is already setting up contacts and possible projects to work with others on papers to be published.  He is well known by a lot of the upper administration at Tech and by a lot of the donors as well.  Xander came home yesterday and was telling me that he had already volunteered his dad at school, and when I asked “Oh, what for?”.  Xander responded that they are studying the human skeleton and organisms and that he was telling his teacher about his dad’s VR Cave (Virtual Reality Cave System) and Oculus (Rift) and how he had a human body you could stick your head in and see inside the body heart, veins, etc.  I asked him if he meant organs like kidney etc and he was no organisms like the human body is made of.

Xander has been in school for almost 2 months and while he has been scared about his grades, he is currently A/B Honor Roll.  In the band at school, he of course plays the drums.  Well he is in the 7th & 8th Grade Band and plays at all the home football games.  He chose to play the base drum.  I was able to tape one of the songs they played at one of the games.  The band members who are on the football team come play the anthem and school song before running back to the team to play, and there are about 3 or so band members who are on the football team.  Of course there are at least that many who play on Xander’s Lacrosse team.

AMS Dr Who

I have now been in school a few weeks.   I have already written and turned in 3 history papers (1 of which was a bonus not required paper), had 1 quiz in math and another one tomorrow, several little astronomy projects and about to be more, 4 homework assignments for Microeconomics and I have done 1 presentation by myself in PC (communicating in the business place), which today we formed our first team for presentation 2 which due in October and we had a quick improv presentation.  Overall we all did well.  Going to be a very busy semester for us all.

I found a new free cloud drive.  Don’t get me wrong I like Box, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Media Fire, but I recently found Mega and they give you 50 gb of space for free.

Fall Class Update

I am taking 16 credit hours again this fall and still working part-time at Kohls.  I have the following classes: Microeconomics, Concepts of Calculus, Astronomy, American History II and Communicating in the Work Place.  Hopefully I do well in these classes.  My American History II Professor has already giving us access to the instructions for our 5 home works with their due dates, so we can actually complete them all now.  He has what he calls Text Book Bonus Assignments, they are extra credit that you do not have to do but the instructs to them are only released 1 week before they are due.  There are 5 of the Bonus Assignments and they totally are worth half of the all Homework totals.  The Communicating in the Work Place has 4 presentations you have to do.  The first presentation is by yourself, introducing yourself to the class with 3 slides.  The next 2 presentations are group projects and you will be assigned to different groups for each presentation project.  The fourth is you doing a video presentation that you will have to upload to Vimeo. Concepts of Calculus is lecturing with homework you don’t turn in, but if you don’t do it you might not make as good a grade on the quizzes as you would have.  He does not use a physical book, saves you money there, he does have a pdf of the book he is teaching out of, that he has sent to everyone.  He has a rule of no electronics and no calculator, he said his math class is designed so that you should not need them.  He does not have any online component to the class.  Astronomy their is an online component and a lab workbook that you will use, there is no other book besides a lab book for this class. Microeconomics is lecturing and responding in class, with a few exams, there is an online component where you will do your homework.

I think I am going to be busy this Fall.

School Status Update

I still did not get to quilting after classes let out in May.  I took Algebra 1830 in June and made a C in the class.  Monday, July 6th, I started taking Human Geography, that day after class I stopped by the office of my Math teacher from June to see my final exam.  I missed him by 5 minutes, as I went to leave the building, I stepped out and went to walk down the concrete steps and my ankle twisted and I fell down about 4 or 5 steps.  I sat there crying for about 5 minutes because of the pain before I tried to get up and hobble down the remain 10 or so steps and over to the car.  I did the usual ice packs and such when I got home, but when I still could hardly walk the next day, after I went to class I went to the Doc in the Box because they had an x-ray machine and cost the same as going to my regular doctor instead of 4 times that to go to the ER for x-rays.  I ended up with no broken bones, but I did have a high ankle sprain.  They put me in a high boot for about 6 weeks.  I finally got the okay to wear an ankle brace.  I have been told to wear the ankle brace through November unless I am going to be on uneven ground, and then I am supposed to wear my boot, just to make sure I don’t re-injury my ankle or do more damage.  I finished Human Geography and made a B in the class.

Grades for Spring 2015

I didn’t do any quilting because I was taking 16 credit hours and working part-time and had an internship, but my grades were:

A – Computer Applications/Business (Decision Science)

B – Dynamic Earth (Geology)

B – Writing II

D – Science and World Cultures (History)

A – Transitional Algebra (College Algebra I)

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