Thank You, Ms. Colorado – Ms. Kelley Johnson

I am breaking from my normal here.  I usually only post about my quilting, my family and what is going on in our lives.  We cut the cord back in February, so everything we watch is online now.  I do not, nor have I ever watch Ms. America or The View.  I have been busy studying for classes this week but tonight i saw something on my facebook news feed regarding Nurses that caught my attention.  Nurses, doctors, family, and celebrities were upset with the ladies on The View for their comments about a nurse who, as her talent, spoke about a patient she had that made her proud to be a nurse.  I had to go view the videos.  I don’t agree with the ladies on The View, and their so-called apology sounded like it was just another slap in the face to Nurses.  Their comments that they were used to seeing women in dresses or bathing suits during the “talent section”, they thought her outfit was a costume.  Really??? Since Ms. Johnson wasn’t dancing around or singing and showing skin, they couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying?  Are they that much of a airhead?  I think we need to stop judging women but their sizes/measurements and start judging us on how much we care, how well we take care of our families, the things we will willing sacrifice for them.

I always felt that these beauty/supposedly talent contests are just like sororities.  I am glad that Ms. Johnson showed a real world talent that she puts to use.  Nurses care for their patients.  Sometimes the patient has no one else to sit and spend 5 minutes a day/week with them, those are the ones that usually pull on a nurses heart.  They are the ones who you throw up on, throw things at, they take care of your drug addicted family members, they take care of your Alzheimer family members.  They are abused by their charges.  They take care of your aids family member.   Your aids infected drug addict lashes out at their nurse, sticking/scratching them with the needle the nurse just used to draw blood from them, causing the nurse to have to have tests every so often to see if they were infected, but they still continue to come back day after day to take care of that same patient. They work long hours.  They work holidays and weekends.  They cannot leave work just because their shift ended if their relief has not arrived into work.  It does not matter if the City, County, State shuts down and tells everyone that if it not an emergency, to stay home.  They still have to go in to work, even working with only short naps until relief is able to make it in.  They stay to take care of their patients, they will not leave them along.  They have to, as this quote was said in one of my favorite movies, The Longest Day “Hold Until Relived”.  If the City, County, State shuts down and tells everyone that if it not an emergency, to stay home.  They still have to go in to work, even working with only short naps until relief is able to make it in.

There are many nurses in my family, they all work hard.  They put their lives on the line every day.  They still go back day after day.  Nurses deserve our respect.  They spend more time with us asking questions and caring more about us than the doctors ever do.

If any of the nurses in my family see this, know that you are appreciated and I love you for all you do and sacrifice for your calling.  Nursing is not a job, it is a calling.  Sadly there are times when you do find that nurse, that to them it is just a job.  On the other hand there are people who have heard the calling to be a nurse, but can’t afford to take the classes or can’t get to a school to take classes and are never truly happy.


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