Disney Dreaming

Late last year David and I sat down and started talking about vacations.  Don’t get me wrong, we go down to the beach every year for Labor Day Weekend, but really had not been on too many vacations since we were married.  We talked about things we would like to do, and places we would like to see and decided to make it a point to go on one “week long” family vacation a year.

There was really only one choice for our first trip…we needed to take Xander back to Disney.  We had gone a few years ago with David’s entire family and he had a great time, but the memories were already fading and we felt it was time to go again.

We started looking at going during Spring Break, invited the whole family again, checked our dates and checked them twice just to make sure there were no surprises.  The good news was that David and Xander had Spring Break the same week (not always the case), but when David received his syllabuses for classes he found out he had tests the day after Spring Break.  Not exactly something you want hanging over your head on vacation.

So we went back to the drawing board, checked the pricing, checked with our Tax Return and decided to push the trip back to Memorial Day Weekend.  David gets out of school in early May and Xander’s last day is the Thursday before.  When we told Xander we could actually stay at the park another day he was all in favor of pushing back.

So the next question is – where should we stay?  The last time we went we stayed in a nice condo development near the park.   The first time David and I went (our honeymoon) we stayed on “campus” at one of the Disney World resorts and I loved the convenience.  We decided if any other family wanted to come we would stay off site, but if it was just us we would do something special and stay in a “Pirate” room at Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort.  Well we received the news in January, it is just us.  We checked the money again and decided not only could we stay on site we could even do one of the many “meal plans” at Disney.  This means we get to eat just about anywhere at Disney and not have to worry about paying for meals as we go.  Think of it as an all inclusive resort.

Xander has been in on all the planning.  We showed him the different resorts, pictures and videos of others who had been.  We showed him different restaurant and the online menus and reviews for him to pick where we will eat.  He is currently making a packing list of things he thinks are necessities for our trip (iPad with chargers for the drive down & back), shampoo, clothes, Disney Trading Pins, shoes, swimsuits, etc.  He has really had a great time and feels like it is a real FAMILY trip.

Xander and I have talked almost daily about Disney, but it never seems to be when David was around us.  It usually was when it was just the two of us in the car or as Xander was trying to go to sleep, while he was eating breakfast or while David was studying.  So, it was understandable when David made the comment that I was more excited about Disney than Xander was.  I was always mentioning to David that Xander said this or that about Disney, but he never heard it directly from Xander.

One of the things Xander remembers about Disney was their trading pins.  I think he bought every single pin with Stitch on it during our last trip.  Well I bought a pack of 50 pins through eBay and this weekend they arrived.  Xander went through them and picked out the ones he wanted to keep and those he wanted to trade.  They were all in great shape and Xander picked out over half of them as ones he wanted to keep.

Of course, Xander is never completely satisfied.  He recently saw an ad for the new Disney Cruise ship and has asked about doing that for the next vacation.  We reminded him that next years vacation is a trip out to the Grand Canyon with Mamaw & Papaw.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. garden2day
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 05:38:08

    We haven’t been in several years but I remember being just as excited as the kids. Have a great trip!



  2. Zianha
    May 22, 2012 @ 19:58:31

    Even though I went to Disney World in March, I am super jealous that you are going Memorial Day weekend! That’s when I normally get to go! Hope you all have a great trip!



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