Blue Lagoon

Another quilt done. This one is for David. It is called Blue Lagoon. We used a Creams Moda Jelly Roll and then yards of blue and reversed the blue with cream according to the pattern.


As you can see it is almost big enough to cover David from over his head to his toes.  Of course, Xander is trying to claim it as we speak.IMAG0742 IMAG0743


Quilts – Busy weekend

Very busy weekend in the Brown household.  With David’s help, I completed 3 quilts. I completed 2 Gumball quilts pattern, 1 Red Batiks and 1 Green Batiks (both of which were purchased before we moved at Heart to Heart Quilt Shop before they Closed) the 3rd quilt was a jelly roll and material that we had bought (I think online) and used a pattern called Log Cabin Hidden Stars.  David had pre-cut these before our move and had them all ready for me to start in their tubs.  I was at my sewing machine all weekend and he watched football and ironed for me.  Xander is claiming them as I make them.  The Green Gumball and the Log Cabin Hidden Star were made for David and the Red Gumball was going to be mine but Xander claimed it.  I now get to work on work on his David and Xander Jitterbug Quilts next.  They asked for the same quilt pattern totally different color schemes.


Old Time Treasures – for David

David picked the pattern and the fabrics, cut, did a lot of the ironing and helped lay it out and helped pin. Now onto the others that I have started working on.




Been Awhile – Quilting Again

I finally have gotten back to quilting again.  I am working on 2 quilts. I  am working on 1 for David – Old Time Treasures and Xander – Happy Halloween Monsters.  Granted David’s was already pre-cut by David about 2 1/2 -3 years ago, Xander’s was bought and most of the monsters were cut out and ironed down to their blocks about the same time when I was attending the class for it at Heart to Heart Quilt Shop before they closed last year.  Once I get those 2 done, I have about 3 or 4 more I want to get started back on that are already started on.


I have been keeping busy settling into our new home, job searching, cleaning, cooking, learning to make homemade pretzels.  My family has loved the pretzels I have made using bread flour using the recipe found at  Also been making a lot of homemade pizza dough. In March our heat in the new house went out.  We went almost 2 weeks without heat.  This weekend we decided to get working outside besides just mowing.  We bought new frames and steps for both sides of the back porch.  David completely removed one set yesterday. We sprayed weed killer and yard feeder, planted 2 new long planters and 1 planter. I have started working on one of David’s quilts called Old Time Treasures made out of Civil War patterned material.  I finally finished putting the binding on Jeff & Melissa’s christmas quilt.  Glenda took it home to them last week when they were here for Mothers Day Weekend.  

Taking a long break

After Christmas 2012, we had some more house repairs to make.  Then spring break my husband ended up having emergency neck surgery.  We bought paint to paint the house and then decided to sell the house.  So we have spent the last 5 months cleaning, fixing, painting, packing, getting stuff sorted into donation piles, arranging for donation pickups, and getting the house on the market.

2012 Christmas Quilts


Little boys for my nephews quilt.Image

Little girls for my niece’s quilt.Image

little boys for my father-in-law’s quiltImage

Christmas designs for my Sister-in-law & brother-in-law.  Xander asked me to make one for him too.


Quilts for Xander’s teachers and for one of David’s co-workers child.Image

Mother-in-laws finished little girls.ImageImage

Nephews finished little boyImageImage

Niece’s finished little girl.


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